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A software developer since 2006, my engineering roots run all the way back to my childhood, where I could often be found taking things apart to learn how they worked. After graduating from The University of Texas at Dallas with a B.S. in Software Engineering, I jumped right into the industry. I have since contributed to projects ranging from desktop PDF editing software to being an architect of a Fortune 100 company’s e-commerce site, as well as having been employed by a Best Places to Work designee, The Container Store. In addition, I complete contract projects, open source projects and serve as a Senior Platform Engineer at Moovweb. Having found my passions in both applications and web technologies, my work often explores the cutting edge of mobile and desktop browsers and solutions. I also maintain multiple blogs about new technologies, programming language features, artificial intelligence, home automation, and open source technologies.


Heather van der Dys
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Born and raised in Texas (USA), we now live in a remote village in Romania near the carpathian mountains. I have been an artist all of my life. I played guitar, piano, harp, and trumpet throughout my childhood. I am a 3D-thinker by nature and dabble in many mediums. The dirtier I can get my hands, the better. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Concentration in Photography. I have been privileged to show my work in galleries like 500X, the Roving Museum of Art, and the Dallas Library. I have also interned as an assistant photographer and graphic designer during my college experience. When it comes to photography, I enjoy the subtle nuances of lighting, staging and producing. I now take my BFA degree, experiences, and ideas to create the things that I feel express a person, emotion, solution, or brighten the world a bit.

When it comes to graphic design I enjoy the creativity, logic, and problem solving involved in all marketing and graphic design. I create logos, infographics, web-layouts and much more. Some of the other artistic mediums I enjoy include paint, wood, installation, charcoal and graphite.

When we are not working, we train in kung fu, ride horses, garden, play music, travel, watch movies, listen to books, cook, eat good food, and hang out our 90 lb dog, Thatch, and his 20 lb side-kick, Lángos.